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Detentions should end


According to a recent report by The Associated Press, the U.S. government plans to release about 100 of the people it is holding at a detainment camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The story cited an anonymous government source as saying that the government would have two rounds of prisoner releases – in December and January.

United States forces are currently holding about 660 people at Guantanamo Bay, none of whom have been charged with a crime or given access to lawyers. The prisoners, or “detainees,” come from 44 different countries, but military spokespeople are mum on how the numbers are distributed.

It is always troublesome for a government to haul prisoners off to foreign prison camps and hold them incommunicado. It is the type of behavior that could cause a tense diplomatic crisis were another nation to treat our citizens in such a way.

It becomes even more troublesome and difficult to rationalize when we consider that some of those being held are children. According to one military source in the AP article, the government has plans to transfer …

Senators to meet with Bush about sugar

BATON ROUGE – Louisiana’s U.S. senators want a meeting with President Bush to settle whether his negotiators are offering a weakening of sugar tariffs during trade talks.

Democratic Sens. John Breaux and Mary Landrieu sent President Bush a letter requesting a meeting prior to the next negotiating session of the Central America Free Trade Agreement in December.

The letter mentions the number of jobs that depend on the sugar industry and how weakening the sugar tariff could cripple the domestic sugar industry.

The purpose of the request is to find out exactly where the tariff on imported sugar stands in the trade talks between the United States and five Latin American countries, Breaux said.

The tariff is a fee imposed on imported sugar to help protect U.S. sugar growers. The Bush administration wants to reach agreement on CAFTA early this month. The agreement would then go to Congress, which can ratify or kill it but cannot change it.

Earlier this year, U.S. trade negotiators were ready to sign a similar, but separate, deal with Mexico despite Louisiana’s protests. Those talks …